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Tanning bed: lay down or stand up? in Yardley Wood Full range of nail treatments for people near us like Billesley, Hall Green, Solihull Lodge, Highter's Heath and Kings Heath.

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One of the main advantages of standing tanning booths is that you get a much more even tan as compared to the one that you get on horizontal beds.

The tanning lamps used in it have a different kind of reflector and hence, the UV rays are spread around the body more evenly.

Stronger tanning in much less time, So for all those who might not be comfortable with the idea of spending a lot of time in tanning booths or feel claustrophobic in smaller spaces.

Our fast stand- up tanning booths are going to be great for you.

Stand up tanning booths are much more hygienic and tan the bits you won't necessarily tan on a lie-down bed! x


3 minutes

£ 2.00

6 minutes

£ 4.00

9 minutes

£ 6.00

12 minutes

£ 8.00

30 minutes

£ 18.00

60 minutes

£ 35.00

90 minutes

£ 50.00
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Tanning Opening Special Offer

1 months unlimited use * opening special offer * £35

30 minutes for £10 MUST BE USED WITHIN 7 DAYS * opening special offer

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